Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bethel Church egroup

Wish you could regularly stay in touch with other friends of Bethel Church, via an email group?

You can. Click here to go JOIN the Bethel Church egroup.

[Note: After submitting your request to 'join' the egroup, you might also want to specially email me via separate email... and identify yourself... Mention your involvement (past or present) in Bethel Church (Farmer City, Illinois).... so we can tell you apart from ficticious internet weirdos. LOL. Seriously, you have no idea how many requests we get, to join. But we absolutely want to make sure we don't accidentally overlook or reject the good requests. So drop me a line (coach at goal-partners.com... and add the words 'Bethel Church' to your email's subject-line).]

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singer72 said...

Carolyne "Cox" Hyatt (Kenny Cox's daughter" just sent this to us and Diane and I both enjoyed it very much. Saw a picture a while ago and recognized Mickey Halcomb and Larry King as kids? hahaha My brother Jim Howe still lives in Champaign and we are very close. Diane just lost her dad (99.4) and we were back for the funeral. Saw Richard and Joan Cox at the funeral. Saw Pastor Brady from Bethel and his wife too. Great! We were married at Bethel 1/1/1955 and some of you were probably at the wedding. We have 4 children, 12 grand children and one great grand daughter. We will be checking the web site from time to time. Phil 4: 6&7 Max & Diane Howe